Historic & Central Location

Nestled in Riga's heart, our studio sits in a revamped 19th-century building, once home to the Alexander Leutner & Co bicycle factory. This mix of history and modern design fuels our team of creative minds, blending tradition with innovation in a space alive with creativity.

Extensive Equipment Rental

Our studio boasts one of largest equipment rentals, offering a wide variety of lighting, audio, and filming gear for diverse production needs. Our extensive inventory supports creative projects with the right technical solutions, enabling artists to fully realize their visions. We ensure easy access to top-notch equipment for both complex and simple shoots, facilitating the transformation of ideas into compelling visual stories.

Podcast Studio & Beyond

VYSE is home to a state-of-the-art photo and video studio, designed for diverse and dynamic shoots, catering to various creative needs. In addition to this, we boast a specially equipped podcast studio. Amid the booming popularity of podcasts, our advanced, technology-rich environment guarantees that every episode is delivered with optimal clarity and resonating impact, making VYSE a go-to destination for comprehensive content creation.

Contact Us.

Drop us a line for any inquiries – we’re here to bring your visual stories to life. Can’t wait to start this artistic journey with you!


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